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Israeli Apartheid Week' Hits University of South Florida Campus


"Please join us in fighting for justice!"

Interested in "a concert and showcase of Palestinian musical culture?" Been wanting to listen to a "staunch conservative who was 'afraid of Arabs' and supportive of Israel’s policy toward Palestinians" talk about seeing the light? Or, maybe you've been itching to hear an anti-American, anti-Israel British rapper bust a rhyme. If so, make your way over to the University of South Florida this week to celebrate "Israeli Apartheid Week."

"Students For Justice in Palestine at USF will be hosting a week of events to bring awareness to the Israeli military occupation of Palestine," the events Facebook page says. It's set to feature Julia Hurley, a former Israeli supporter who was "afraid of Arabs," and British rapper Lowkey. More on him later.

The group is billing the event as "A week full of events promoting an understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian issue." It encourages students to "Please join us in fighting for justice!" The "fight" even made it into the student newspaper:

According to that blurb, Hurley is set to speak on "the Israeli occupation of Palestine," followed by the "award-winning" documentary "Occupation 101: Voices of the silenced majority." A trailer for that video shows it is anti-Israel:

[youtube expand=1]

And what about that British raper, Lowkey? In February, we featured some of his "best" hits -- songs such as this one which rails against (as the video's title says) "Jew Zionist genocide in Palestine:"

[youtube expand=1]

And his classic rap "Terrorist," which accuses America of being, you guessed it, the real terrorist in the world:

[youtube expand=1]

Remember, though, it's all about promoting "justice."

(H/T: Glenn Beck radio listener, Dave)

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