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Breaking news from the Royal Wedding: There will be no breaking news from the Royal Wedding.


Could it be that sanity is creeping into the spectacle known as the Royal Wedding?  Maybe, just maybe.

Yahoo's exclusive coverage of The Royal Wedding has just announced that Westminster Abbey is installing a piece of technology that will block cell phone transmissions of the 1900 guests of the wedding. That translates into no tweets during the ceremony.

Nineteen hundred of the most important people in the world will go through a forced-withdrawal from their coveted cell phones, but that's not all of the discomfort some of the lucky invitees will experience. Yahoo also reports;

Some wedding guests will arrive up to two hours before the ceremony officially begins and have been discreetly advised by Buckingham Palace that, with no toilet facilities available for their use, they should take appropriate measures before their arrival.

Advised to 'take appropriate measures?'  Does that mean someone will be selling official Royal Wedding Depends undergarments?

No tweets allowed?  No bathrooms? No thanks.

Cancel my flight and give my ticket to someone else.

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