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Does Obama Have a Controversial Pastor Problem...Again?


"This minister here is cut from the same cloth [as Jeremiah Wright]."

Ever since a producer from WRNO-FM in New Orleans tipped The Blaze to Dr. Wallace Charles Smith (Obama's Easter Sunday pastor) and his racist 2010 speech, people have started to take notice. Rush Limbaugh talked about it Monday (and again yesterday), and last night Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly took on the topic, too.

During his Talking Points segment, O'Reilly accused Smith of stirring up bias "for absolutely no reason" and asks, why would the president sit and listen to a pastor who holds these views?

Hannity then had a lively debate with Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes over the issue, which you can watch here.

Hannity uncovered more video of Smith, this time saying that Obama's former controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright "never said anything that was wrong."

Hannity asked, "Why is [Obama] always in pews listening to such controversial spiritual leaders?" He brought on a panel to debate the issue, during which he pointed out that Obama being at Smith's church legitimizes the pastor's comments (even if they are from 2010):

What do you think? Does Obama have a pastor problem? Why does he seem to find himself in the pews in front of such speakers?

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