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Guess Which State Pays $6.03 per Gallon in Gas Prices?


"It's a resort. They charge what they want."

If you're looking for a scenic beach spot to spend your summers in, but are worried about about high gas prices, then stay away from Hana, Hawaii.

The Daily Beast reports on the city that may well have the highest gas price in the U.S.:

Think your last fill-up was bad? Just be glad you don’t live in Hana, Hawaii. Residents and visitors to the tiny but scenic town have passed a milestone, reaching $6.03 per gallon. And Furnace Creek Resort in California’s Death Valley is just a little over a quarter behind, at $5.75 per gallon. Notwithstanding the sudden shift of attention to the death of Osama bin Laden, gas prices are becoming a major political issue that could shape the landscape ahead of the 2012 presidential election. Across the country, consumers are increasingly focused on the price of filling up the tank.

What is it with beautiful locales and high gas prices? The LA Times lists another scenic route to avoid if you're looking to keep your gas bill down:

You also might skip the scenic drive along Highway 190 in Death Valley, which will lead you to the Furnace Creek Resort, where regular was selling for $5.75 a gallon Tuesday.

"It's a resort. They charge what they want," said Raymond, a fellow who declined to give his last name and said he answers the phone at the Furnace Creek Chevron now and then. "Don't come here for the gasoline."

Guess those of us paying between $3-$4 a gallon shouldn't complain.

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