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New Alien Video Sparks Fresh 'Real or Fake' Questions


"it's well put together"

Real or fake? That's the question (and really, it's always the question) after another video has turned up purporting to show old footage of an alien being interrogated.

The creature has the classic egg-shaped head and big, buggy eyes. Seated in a chair, it looks confused as it tries to respond to questions.

Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the Ministry of Defense in the UK, clearly think it's a fake.

"This is one of the better fakes that I've seen," he told ITN News. "Looking at the skills of the filmmaker I think it's a nice piece of work, it's well put together, and the black and white imagery is a nice touch because it plays into that whole idea that this might be something that's been in the government vaults for awhile, might even relate to Roswell, the holy grail of ufology."

According to him, the reason someone might do this is either to showcase their skills or just to put "one over on someone." He also thinks it won't change anyone's mind: "believers will go on believering, skeptics will go on thinking it's a load of nonsense."

See for yourself, and then let us know in the comments what side you fall on:

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