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Christian Weatherman Says He Was Fired for Objecting to Racy Stripper Story


"Based on my Christian values, I could not be a part of this newscast."

A weatherman in California claims he was fired from an ABC affiliate after he objected to the station airing a story on successful local strip clubs. But he's not just any weatherman -- he's the station's chief meteorologist.

According to a Facebook post, KERO-TV's Jack Church says he was fired from the Bakersfield, CA news station after he voiced his concerns about the story that featured how local strip joints were doing well despite the down economy:

TV Spy posted a link to what is presumably the racy story, which aired at the end of last week. We actually found the story and have included it below (ironically introduced by two female newscasters):

TV Spy tried to reach out to the station for comment, but received no response as of publication.

Perhaps ironically (or intentionally), church's current favorite quote listed on his Facebook page says, "When you lose a job it simply opens up endless opportunities."

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