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Dem Sen. Schumer's New Security Plan: A 'No-Ride List' for Amtrak


"...we must act with speed."

If you thought Amtrak trains were having "on-time" issues now, wait until New York Senator Chuck Schumer's "No Ride List" becomes a reality:

Fox Five in New York City was in the front row at Schumer's Sunday press conference:

Schumer said he will begin pushing congressional appropriators to increase funding for track inspections of commuter and passenger rail systems, as well as heightened monitoring and support for security at local train stations throughout the country.

The Democratic senator said he also asked the Department of Homeland Security to expand its Secure Flight program to Amtrak, which would essentially create a "No Ride List" to prevent suspected terrorists from boarding trains.

The Senator said:

'We must remain vigilant in protecting ourselves from future terror attacks, and when intelligence emerges that provides insight into potential vulnerabilities, we must act with speed."

Can baggage scanners, TSA pat-downs and an a massive hiring of even more government/unionized TSA employees be far behind?

FYI, this past weekend we here at TheBlaze.com joined the 20,000+ Amtrak employees as they celebrated 40 years of sketchy service, high prices, and a government guaranteed lack of competition. Read all about it HERE.

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