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Egyptian Prez Candidate: Hamas Not Really a Terror Group


And "the nuclear issue in the Middle East means Israel and then Iran."

Amr Moussa, the longtime secretary-general of the Arab League, recently gave an interview to the Washington Post. It was published Monday. And guess what it revealed? The possible future president of the much-hailed democratic Egypt doesn't think Hamas (the terror group) is a terror group, and does believe the nuclear "issue" in the Middle East is more about Israel than Iran.

This is what democracy looks like.

You can read some excerpts from the interview below:

Officials in Washington are concerned about the change in Egypt’s relationship with Iran.

Iran is not the natural enemy of Arabs, and it shouldn’t be. We have a lot to gain by peaceful relations — or less tense relations — with Iran.

The U.S. is focused on the nuclear issue.

The nuclear issue in the Middle East means Israel and then Iran.

If you become president would you keep the [peace] treaty with Israel?

The treaty is a treaty. For us, the treaty has been signed and it is for peace, but it depends also on the other side. . . . If you asked me what kind of relations between the Arab world and Israel I would like to see, I would say that the Arab position — of which Egypt is a party — rests on the Arab initiative of 2002.


Going back to U.S.–Egyptian relations, how will they change?

Egypt conducted its relations in the region in a way that the people did not accept. Egyptian-Arab relations is one thing; the Palestinian question is another. . . .

Blocking Gaza and enforcing the siege along Gaza — people didn’t like that. We should have insisted and used Egyptian-Israeli relations to try and undo and put an end to the siege that caused a lot of suffering to the people of Gaza. The whole world has said exactly what I am saying — that the siege has to come to an end. The old regime was not of the same view.


Now you have brought Hamas to Cairo.

The view that Hamas is a terrorist organization is a view that pertains to a minority of countries, not a majority. Being a terrorist is not a stigma forever.

To see how Hamas is not really a terror group, go here. Also, American Thinker exposes the Post's soft stance on Hamas here.

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