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Meghan McCain Goes 'Naked' for Racy Skin Cancer PSA


"My mother would be so ashamed."

"This week I drove my convertible naked," says actor Brandy. "I walked my dog naked," adds TV personality Ashlan Gorse. Then Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, chimes in: "My mother would be so ashamed." And they all deliver their lines while appearing to be, well, naked.

The women are all part of a new Style Network PSA against skin cancer and advocating the use of sunscreeen. And while the "naked" refers to the lack of the SPF goop, it's raising eyebrows for its racy use of the womens' images. Many of the girls, for example, appear with cleverly-placed hands, or in some cases shopping bags, covering essential body parts. McCain, however, is only shown from the top of her chest and up (no need for hands).

You can watch it below:

The ad was apparently filmed in December. According to Politico, that's when McCain tweeted: "Well, I've never been half naked on the roof of a building in front of a group of strangers b4, give it up to the girls who took it all off."

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