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Texas Tells The President How They Feel About Immigration Reform


President Obama is in Texas today.

Instead of visiting the Lone Star state to declare the place a disaster area following wild fires that burned more than two MILLION acres of land, destroyed more than 400 homes and took the lives of two brave firefighters,  Barack Obama went to El Paso, where he delivered a rousing campaign-style speech about Immigration Reform.

Texas radio talk show host (and friend of TheBlaze) Garth Maier of KTBB asked his audience how they felt about the topic of Immigration Reform.

KTEK - Immigration reform feedback

As reported over the weekend on TheBlaze, actress Eva Longoria may have inadvertently revealed the White House strategy that uses Immigration Reform as a tool for demonizing any elected official who is against The Dream Act (read - GOP), and targets them for removal in the 2012 election cycle.

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