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An Influx of Asians Are Having Plastic Surgery to Look More 'Western


"They want to have some westernized, nice faces."

If you thought plastic surgery couldn't get any more bizarre, consider a new overseas trend: Surgical procedures that make Asian women look more like Americans. Why, you ask?

While one may assume that every culture has its own unique definition of "pretty," at least one doctor tells CNN that the definition of beauty, even in South Korea, is illustrated most definitively by a Caucasian face. CNN has more:

Dr Kim Byung-gun is the head of Seoul, South Korea's biggest plastic surgery clinic, BK DongYang...Dr Kim says his clinic, one of the most successful in a city dubbed the "plastic surgery capital of Asia," performs 100 surgeries a day, ranging from eyelid surgery to nose reshaping to facial contouring.

"They always tell me they don't like their faces," says Dr Kim, explaining what his patients request prior to surgery. "They want to have some westernized, nice faces. They want to have big eyes like westernized people, high profile, nicer noses.

"The Chinese and Korean patients tell me that they want to have faces like Americans. The idea of beauty is more westernized recently. That means the Asian people want to have a little less Asian, more westernized appearance. They don't like big cheekbones or small eyes. They want to have big, bright eyes with slender, nice facial bones."

The surgeries, already frequent among Koreans, are growing in popularity among the Chinese as well. For Dr. Kim, performing these re-constructive surgeries isn't only about profit.  He believes the procedures impact the individual "...through more confidence, a better job and obtaining a better marital partner."

Below, CNN provides a video that explains this bizarre trend. The clip includes an interview with 12-year-old Lee Min-kyong, a young girl who was convinced she wouldn't be pretty without undergoing the procedure. Watch here:

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