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Video: Art community hails child with paint as 'prodigy of color


I'm not an "art" person, but I fail to see how this "abstract artist" is different from my 5-year-old nephew with finger paints.

Instead of being hung on the refrigerator, however, 4-year-old Aelita Andre's paintings are going to hang in a New York City art gallery this summer because they are apparently "full of artistic energy, lively immediacy and a joyful sense of exploration" -- whatever that means.

Has the art community officially gone bonkers or does this child have some kind of miraculous gift I just don't see?

Hm. It really makes me wonder what an art critic might say if I showed them my nephew's artwork set to the tune of twinkling piano melodies.

From her website (yes, the 4-year-old has a website):

Aelita Andre is a three year old abstract painter of Russian heritage and the youngest professional painter in the world. Her paintings continue to sell around the world to international buyers and she has been compared to Jackson Pollock by the press and her visionary style to Salvador Dali and Wassily Kandinsky.

Australian Art critic Robert Nelson and Associate Professor of Monash University says, “Aelita's art is an antidote to the oppressive qualities of expectation in western painting.”

Little Aelita has been "painting" since she was just a baby -- she was featured on 60 Minutes two years ago when she was just 24-months-old:

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