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53% of Young People Would Trade Their Sense of Smell for Technology


"...majority of young people...would rather lose their sense of smell than be disconnected from technology."

Young people love technology. Of course, this isn't all that surprising. But, new research from McCann Worldgroup sheds light on just how much they value being digitally connected.

Their tech obsession is so powerful that it has the majority of young people claiming they would rather lose their sense of smell than be disconnected from technology. Seriously!

In a study that examined the opinions of thousands of young people between the ages of 16 and 30, researchers found that these individuals value connections, community, social or personal justice and authenticity. And -- you guessed it -- technology.

Biz Report has more:

So important is technology to today's youth that over half (53%) would give up their sense of smell rather than lose access to it. To them, losing the ability to explore and communicate via technology would be like a blind man losing his stick.

It is clear from the results that technology plays an important role in youngsters' lives and without it they would feel isolated and uninformed.

You can access the entire study here. The only question left remaining: Would you trade your sense of smell to stay connected to your favorite technologies?

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