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Attack of the Jellyfish -- Literally! More Than 1,600 Beachgoers Stung


It's the attack of the jellyfish! In the past week, alone, there have been more than 1,600 reports of jellyfish "stings" along the coast of Florida. The odd part? The type of jelly responsible for the mass chaos isn't indigenous to North America! CNN has more:

Monty Graham, a scientist at Alabama's Dauphin Island Sea Lab, said the jellyfish appear to be what are known as mauve stingers, a species that often blooms in response to small climate cycles like El Nino.

"The interesting thing about these jellyfish is that they're very sporadic. They occur in heavy numbers, but not every year," he said.

Watch the following ABC 13 video report about the jellyfish presence on Florida's Cocoa Beach:

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