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Dress-Wearing Women Aren't Crazy About Glass Staircase at New $105 Million Ohio Courthouse


"When you stand under the stairwell, you can see right up through them.”


For years, women across America have dealt with glass ceilings. But now, women in Ohio have a new problem - glass floors.

A $105 million courthouse opened in Franklin County, Ohio, on Monday, but the builders seemed to have forgotten one thing - the bottom of the stairs, reports affiliate 10TV. The staircase is made of glass.

Dress wearers need to avoid taking the stairs, according to Franklin County Judge Julie Lynch, who wears dresses under her robes almost every day.

"I wear dresses because that's my personal choice," Lynch told 10TV. "When you stand under the stairwell, you can see right up through them.”


The news startled attorney Lori Johnson, who is a regular at the courthouse.

"Women won't realize that and will just automatically assume that they can take the stairs safely," Johnson said.

Johnson said that she worries not just about stolen glances, but also the prevalence of camera phones.

"Then, next thing you know, you're on the Internet," Johnson said.  (It) sounds like a lawsuit in the making."

Lynch said that many people who visit the courthouse are there because of questionable choices.

"They hope people will be mature?  That's not a solution," Lynch said.  "If we had mature people that didn't violate the law, we wouldn't have this building."

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