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Libyan Forces Claim They Shot Down NATO Chopper


"It's a spurious claim."

Today, Libyan state television reported that Gadhafi's forces successfully shot down a NATO helicopter. But NATO is denying this claim. Reuters has more:

A military official at the headquarters of NATO's Libya mission in Naples said: "We have no indication to show that this is true. It's a spurious claim."

According to Trend, Libya's government-run Al-Jamahiriya channel cited a military source. The television report went as follows:

"The People's Armed Forces have dropped down early today a NATO helicopter. "This is the third helicopter to be shot down since NATO began to use them."

This claim comes as NATO is stepping up pressure on the Gadhafi regime. Last weekend, for the first time, the international body began utilizing helicopters against Libyan forces. Additionally, officials now claim that Gadhafi, himself, is a target. Watch below for more:

Yesterday, CIA Director and Defense Secretary nominee Leon Panetta claimed that Gadhafi's forces are weakening. Watch below:

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