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Two HS Students Skip Graduation Walk After They're Barred From Wearing Army Sashes


Two high school students decided to skip their graduation walk after they were told minutes before the ceremony that they could not wear symbolic Army Sashes. The two boys have signed up to join the military and say they just wanted to honor the country. But school officials say that violates the rules.

WFMZ-TV reports:

The school stuck to its guns, even though the students said they only wanted to honor the Army.

Joel Hunsicker and Jordan Marker go through regular physical training every Thursday since they enlisted in the US Army.

"I'm willing to sacrifice my body, my mind, my soul and my life to make sure that people can have a better life," Marker said.

The young men wanted to demonstrate their commitment by wearing US Army sashes or stoles during commencement from Schuylkill Valley High School.

"We get our army stoles on we're just about to go out and the one teacher said you got to leave that here you can't wear them. I said what do you mean we can't wear them," said Marker.

"We won't wear them and we'll go sit with our parents and honor our fellow students by supporting them by sitting there and watching them," Hunsicker added.

This morning, Marker described the situation in more detail to "Fox and Friends," and said both students refused to make a scene and argue the policy. Instead, the honored their fellow classmates by silently protesting:

The school superintended told WFMZ that the decision not to allows the sashes was in no way a statement against the military. Rather, the school has a policy that works to keep the focus on academic achievement.

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