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Super-Secret Hacker Group Promises 'Rebellion' if Bernanke Doesn't Resign


"The Federal Reserve is responsible for crimes against humanity."

Have you heard of "Anonymous?" Three months ago, the well-known hacker group requested -- via a YouTube video -- that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake willingly vacate his position. Now, the group is back with a new message for all Americans. But, before we get into that, here's their initial call for his resignation:

Bernake, of course, hasn't complied with Anonymous' request. So, the group posted another video two days ago with the same overarching message. In it, a scrambled voice says, among a number of other related messages, that, "The Federal Reserve is responsible for crimes against humanity." Business Insider has more:

The video begins with Bernanke saying he is 100% confident of his ability to control the income disparity in the U.S. -- the largest of any industrialized country in the world -- on 60 Minutes.

Then it says:

"Democrats have failed us, Republicans have failed us... It is time for us to stand up for ourselves... We must fight back against the organized criminal class... We must launch "operation Empire State rebellion. The operation will commence on June 14th...Operation Empire State Rebellion Engaged."

The movement, also referred to as "CTRL+ALT_BERNANKE" will be taking place today at a number of locations. Anonymous posted the rally locations here. While this is a movement encouraging people to "fight back against the organized criminal class," Anonymous claims that the rallies will be peaceful. The end goal? To finally see Bernake resign and to hold politicians accountable. Here's the group's latest video:

Also, questions have been raised regarding whether or not this same group was behind the recent IMF hack. Will the Federal Reserve be the next big institution to fall victim to Anonymous? Judging from the video releases and the rhetoric, it's quite possible. Below, Bloomberg sums up some of the other hacktivity the group has been involved in:

The group attacked several Turkish government websites last week to protest an Internet filter it says will restrict web surfing, the Hurriyet newspaper reported. Spanish police also arrested three suspected members after the websites of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (BBVA), Spain’s second-biggest bank, and Enel SpA (ENEL), the Italian owner of Spanish power company Endesa SA, were hacked.

Anonymous also took credit for taking down the websites of Mastercard Inc. and Visa Inc. in December in revenge for the payment processors’ decision to suspend use of their networks by WikiLeaks, an organization that publishes secret documents on its website

(h/t Business Insider)

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