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Howard Dean Recites New Van Jones Battle Cry: GOP 'Killing the American Dream

Leftists have a new call to arms, and, catch phrase for 2012.

According to Howard Dean, Republican "do-nothing hatemongers" are in the business of "killing the American dream." Funny, because Van Jones just launched a MoveOn.org ad in which he, using the same verbiage, claims Glenn Beck is the one killing it.

Townhall provides the clip of Howard Dean's rant:

So what's with all the "American dream" talk flying around among leftists like Dean and Jones? Could it have something to do with the pending launch of a joint Van Jones, MoveOn campaign titled "Rebuild the Dream?"

In an exhaustive, platitude-filled Huffington Post article written by Jones, he likened his American Dream campaign to "our Tea Party," and laid out his pesonal plans, and vision, for saving Americans from who he calls the "slash and burn" GOP.

More from Jones' article:

Take Movement to a Higher Plane: Defending the American Dream

And we should announce that our renewed movement is more than just a mobilization to back unions or oppose illegitimate power grabs (as important as those agenda items are). Something more vital is at stake: our country needs a national movement to defend the American Dream itself.

After all, it is the American Dream that the GOP's "slash and burn" agenda is killing off.

GOP Cuts Muscle, Fat and Bone -- Republicans Attack American Way

If deficits are truly the issue, then raising taxes and cutting spending both should be on the table, as tools.

"Attack the American way?"  That sounds strangely familiar.

Jones goes on to suggest his American Dream movement is "rooted in a deeper patriotism" than what he calls "negative liberty" embraced, presumably, by the Tea Party.

That is an important moment and concept. But the notion of "negative liberty" ("don't tread on me!") is only one principle among many that make our country great. Other equally vital American values and ideals (like justice, opportunity, fairness and democracy) have gone largely undefended and unheralded, in this recent crisis. That ends -- now. Our rising movement should stand for the full suite of American values and principles.

And the American ideal most in need of defense is our most essential one: the American Dream.

Yes, this new "American dream" mantra hails straight from Jones' playbook -- and if these recent tirades by Dean and Jones are any indication, there's a good chance we might be hearing a lot more of it moving into 2012.

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