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Homeless Man Granted Final, Dying Wish -- To See His Dog Again


“And the moment he opened those eyes and saw that dog there was instant recognition..."

Kevin McClain, 57, lived out of his car in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. That may seem like a lonely venture, except for the fact that McClain wasn't alone. He had the companionship of his dog, Yurtie. But when McClain was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago and rushed to the hospital, Yurtie was taken to a local shelter. That led to the moving story of McClain's dying wish.

As he lay on a stretcher, McClain made a request: he wanted to see Yurtie one last time. Thanks to a loving community, that wish was granted.

“In the transition of moving him over from our ambulance cot to the bed, he told me, 'I have a dog,'” Area Ambulance Service Paramedic Specialist Jan Erceg told KCRG-TV.

It just so happens that Erceg volunteers at the shelter Yurti was taken to.

“He said her name is Yurt and at that moment, that was my Aha! moment,” she told the station.

The hospice center McClain was staying at teamed up with the ambulance service and the shelter and brought Yurtie to him.

“And the moment he opened those eyes and saw that dog there was instant recognition and with Yurtie, she licked his arms, she licked his face,” Erceg told KCRG.

A couple days later, McClain died. But not before seeing his final wish fulfilled.

Yurtie has since been adopted by a young couple.

You can watch the heartwarming story below:

(H/T: HuffPo)

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