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Cease and Desist, ‘American Girl’: Tom Petty Allegedly Upset Over Bachmann’s Use of Song


But for Hillary Clinton, it's okay.

She is a darling of the Tea Party, but if Tom Petty has his way when it comes to music at her campaign events, Michele Bachmann may have to back down.

It seems Tom Petty objects to her usage of his popular song "American Girl" at rallies and events. Petty's management team is  apparently getting ready to send a cease-and-desist letter to the Bachmann campaign regarding the tune.

The video below shows Bachmann using the song during the tail end of her presidential announcement on Monday:

This is not a new problem for Republican hopefuls. Back in 2008, Bon Jovi publicly decried the usage of his band's song "Who Says You Can't Go Home" at rallies for Sarah Palin. Likewise, the Foo Fighters came out that same year against John McCain's usage of their song "My Hero, " ditto for Van Halen and the song "Right Now."

The Talking Heads took it a step further, suing candidate Charlie Crist in 2010 for a cool million after his campaign used the song "Road to Nowhere" in a commercial. Crist recently settled, apparently on friendly terms.

But the most ironic point of all? As Hot Air Pundit NBC notes, (via Hot Air Pundit), Petty never said a word when Hillary Clinton used the same "American Girl" song during her 2008 campaign.

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