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The two-faced left: Double standards for me, but not for thee


I was glad to see President Obama's press conference today come to an end for a couple of different reasons. First of all, he must have been terribly exhausted from running circles around actual issues and secondly, I was quite frankly tired of listening to it.

Once again, Obama's claims that the rich aren't paying their "fair share" and should be taxed more reminds me of why I hate the progressive tax system so much: because you're treated differently based on how much money you have.  This line of thinking led me to inevitable assumptions about how two-faced Democrats are today.  This also explains why having a rational debate with many liberals is so fleeting -- because they are not often rational in their thinking and have no clear standards upon which their opinions are based.

The left demands everyone be treated equally, regardless of how much money they have... unless you're wealthy and we want to tax you more.

The left demands no one be discriminated against based on their gender, race or sexual orientation... unless you're male, white and straight and don't qualify for any kind of assistance from "affirmative action."

The left claims to want to break our dependence on foreign energy sources... unless it means using American oil, coal, natural gas or nuclear power.

I could go on and on...

Last night I happened to catch part of Keith Olbermann's broadcast during which he and a guest commentator derided conservatives for demanding voters show a picture ID to avoid voter fraud. According to the pair, voter fraud is not a widespread problem and Republicans are only trying to keep minority voters from voting because they are apparently not likely to have a valid photo ID:

I literally laughed out loud when Mr. Olbermann's guest suggested that requiring a photo ID to vote would violate Americans' constitutional right to vote -- an idea that may sound like an effective talking point, but is not based in any fact and only further underscores more of the left's double standards.

I have a constitutional right to free speech, but I'm still required to get a permit to organize a protest.

I have a constitutional right to bear arms, yet the left demands I not only have an ID, but be fingerprinted, go through a waiting period and subject myself to extensive background checks in order to exercise this right. (Can you imagine if we required these restrictions of voters?!)

The left sees nothing wrong with requiring government-issued licenses for driving, owning a pet, hunting and fishing or cutting hair (or even cheese!), but it's apparently too much to ask that we require some kind of simple documentation for voting -- a sacred act in our democratic republic which affects everyone else in this country??

Republicans aren't trying to keep minorities from the polls -- Democrats are desperately trying to maintain a stranglehold on a semi-reliable base of voters while feigning constitutional gusto.  All this in order to push a political agenda that only continues to erode the rights they insist they are protecting.

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