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Say it ain't so! "This isn't the Bisexual World Series"


Forget corked bats or steroids, according to the New York Times five players at the Gay Softball World Series have been accused of cheating and were summoned before a protest committee to answer charges that they were heterosexual.

Inside a small room, surrounded by committee members and other softball officials, the players said they were interrogated about their sexual orientation. Confusion reigned. According to court records, one player declined to say whether he was gay or straight but acknowledged being married to a woman. Another answered yes to both gay and heterosexual definitions. A third asked if bisexual was acceptable and was told, “This is the Gay World Series, not the Bisexual World Series."

There's certainly nothing wrong with the league. We have leagues for kids, women's leagues and men's leagues. People should be allowed to assemble and play games with anyone they choose (as long as they don’t smoke!) and devise the rules of membership. Obviously there is no inherent difference between the athletic ability of gay, straight or bisexual men, so the strict rules governing sexual preference in this case make this a social event as well as competitive tournament.

In the end, the committee ruled that three of the five players were "nongay" and the team was stripped of its second-place finish. The piece goes into some length on the legality of this kind of exclusion, and explores some thorny questions about how to define who is gay.

But I dare to dream. And one day perhaps all Americans will play softball together.

(h/t Jesse Walker.)


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