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GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Compares Obama to '10-Year-Old' Who's 'In Over His Head


"Look, I’ve been pretty blunt..."

GOP Rep. Joe Walsh (IL) didn't hold back yesterday when CNN host Elliot Spitzer asked him what he thought about the president's recent performance in relation to the debt crisis. According to Walsh, the president acted like a "10-year-old" in his speech, is "in over his head," and has spent the last few months "running for re-election."

Tell us how you really feel, Joe.

Mediaite has the relevant transcript:

Look, I’ve been pretty blunt in what I think of this President. I think he’s in over his head, I think he’s in denial and yesterday he acted like a ten-year-old. Now, none of that bothers me because I don’t think he’s really even part of this debate. This President a few months ago started running for re-election. He hasn’t been serious about any of the serious fiscal issues our country is facing.

I don’t take him very seriously.

Elliot Spitzer's facial reaction is just as juicy:

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