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Swiss Political Party Ad Features Jewish Doll With an Arrow in Its Head


"This is a call for the murder of Jews."

The Jewish community in Switzerland is outraged after an ad for a Swiss national independence day party featured a bizarre image: A doll of a man who is wearing a yarmulke. The man, which is overtly Jewish, also has the Israeli flag painted on him arrow pierced threw his head.

The image of what appears to be a dead Jew has sparked quite a bit of anger. Swiss reports claim that the GNC, a local anti-Semitic and anti-Israel group is behind the creation and dissemination of the ad. has more:

"This is a call for the murder of Jews," said Jonah Gurfinkel. Sabine Simkhovitch-Dreyfus, deputy director of the Jewish community federation said: "A red line has been crossed.

GNC member claimed the ad was directed against the Israeli government, but Dreyfus rejected his claims saying, "Sadly the arrow on the forehead does not leave a shadow of a doubt." Jewish groups are now considering a lawsuit against the GNC.

In response, Jewish groups may consider a lawsuit.

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