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Flash in the Pan? Keith Olbermann's Ratings Drop 30% by Second Week!


Has the bloom fallen off the rose already? After a successful first week on Al Gore's "Current TV" network, the ever-acerbic Keith Olbermann might not have what it takes to attract and retain viewers over the long term.  The "Countdown" host, whose debut guest was far-left filmmaker Michael Moore, has lost nearly 30 percent of his viewers just two weeks into his new broadcast.

Business Insider reports:

In its second week on Al Gore's Current TV Countdown With Keith Olbermann lost nearly 30% of its total viewers and 30% of its demo viewers, reports Deadline.

"Olbermann attracted an average of 93,000 viewers in its target 25-to-54 demo, down 29% from the first week. The total audience, at 253,000, was down 28.5%."

It stands to reason Olbermann and Current executives might attribute the dip in ratings to the long July Fourth holiday weekend. Business Insider also reports Olbermann's people will probably focus on the fact that, even with 30 percent less viewers, Countdown has so far brought in more viewers than the entire network had before the show's arrival.

Still, 30 percent is nothing to make light of.  If Countdown's ratings continue to nose-dive like this, Olbermann might have to get creative instead of forever relying on hackneyed segments such as: "Inside the Republican Cult."

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