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One Week After Leaving Fox News, Beck Re-Runs Still Winning Time Slot


Thursday, June 30th was the finale of Fox News Channel's "Glenn Beck Show." After more than two years of dominating the 5pm time slot against CNN and MSNBC, Fox and Beck split amicably and it was announced that starting July 11, 2011, something called "The Five" would replace Beck.

As we all await the debut of the new show that Fox is building for the 5pm hour, the channel has been filling that time slot with some interesting programming choices;

Friday - July 1 - A John Stoessel Special did very well and easily bested CNN and MSNBC. In all fairness, most of the usual anchors/hosts were already in the Hamptons, celebrating the long weekend.

Monday - July 4 - (a holiday)  The Glenn Beck Show - a rerun of an old program handily won the time slot in every demo.

Tuesday - July 5 - Casey Anthony Verdict Special -

Wednesday - July 6 - Another Beck rerun, another big win over CNN and MSNBC (both with original, live hosted shows)

Thursday - July 7 - Yet ANOTHER Glenn Beck Show rerun, and another victory over CNN & MSNBC

(For the record, the wall-to-wall Casey Anthony coverage on Headline News - HLN did provide a spike in that channel's ratings and gave them a slim win against Beck re-runs and a rare win over all of these programs. But the cool-down has already started. The purpose of this study was to compare "apples to apples")

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