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Father and son capture tradition of shuttle launches through photographs


The picture they waited 30 years to complete:

Chris Bray and his father Kenneth went to the first space shuttle launch three decades ago and decided to make the journey to see the final launch on Friday. These are the only two shuttle launches the pair have ever seen in person, but they said they've been astronomy buffs for a long time. And whether they planned it or not, they both wore similar outfits.

The father and son duo went to the first shuttle launch because Kenneth designed some of the official shuttle pins for the early missions, like this one:

This time, they got tickets for the final launch through a lottery.

But the time-capsule picture almost didn't happen. Their flight was so delayed out of Newark, they had to go straight to the launch site to see the takeoff.

Chris said both he and his Dad are sad to see the program end, but at the same time excited about the next phase, whatever that might be.

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