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Have You Heard Herman Cain’s 1996 Gospel Album?


"This Is The Day"

When you toss your hat into the political ring, especially on a national level, the media and your opponents will scour your history looking for anything in your background that might give them an advantage.  Back in 1996, Herman Cain recorded a gospel music album called "Sunday Morning" and it has just popped up on the Internet.

A Cain spokesperson confirmed to TPM the tracks are legitimate, and said they were released by an independent, pro-Cain website.

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing for the candidate? Before you decide, sample the music:

Herman Cain was a successful CEO and hopes to bring his management and leadership skills to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And if he wins the GOP nomination and the 2012 election, he could also bring a great singing voice to the White House.

(H/T to Matt Lewis at The Daily Caller)

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