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Keith Ellison's selective outrage over women's rights

Keith Ellison's selective outrage over women's rights

Although Media Matters apparently thinks its ridiculous to even point out, I can't help myself.

As a woman -- and a conservative woman at that -- I was appalled by the ludicrous comments from Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison claiming that GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann prefers for her fellow females to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Knowing Bachmann -- a fiercely independent woman herself -- it seems Ellison is either grossly misinformed or just a bald-faced liar.

But it's Ellison's select outrage and mixed interpretations of women's equality which I find even more disturbing. Ellison, a practicing Muslim and ardent defender of the religion, attacks Bachmann for her unapologetically pro-family and pro-life positions and characterizes them as anti-woman, yet takes no issue with a religion which so often demands women shroud themselves in oppressive traditions which serve only men, not God.

Guess what -- I'm not the only one who is taken aback by this blatant double standard:

Perhaps what offends Ellison most about Bachmann is her outspoken nature which seems so contrary to his personal preference for keeping women in their subversive position in the name of Allah.  Instead of "barefoot and pregnant," would Ellison prefer women be burqa'd head-to-toe, walk behind their husband, not be allowed to drive, fall victim to "honor" killings because they supposedly dishonored male members of her family, etc.

Before Ellison wants to wrap himself in the banner of women's rights to attack a political opponent -- male or female -- I'd suggest he take a good hard look the role of women's rights in his own life and religion.  Then maybe we can partake in an adult exchange based on facts and not hurl petty smears rooted in baseless rhetoric.

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