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Boehner compares White House to geriatric dessert


Political metaphors are sweet. Seriously.

Last year President Obama was calling Republicans Slurpee-lovers, saying Democrats were doing the hard work in "pulling the economy out of a ditch," while the GOP was "sipping Slurpees." Now, Speaker John Boehner says negotiating with Obama and White House officials on deficit reduction is like handling Jell-o. ABC News reports:

“Dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with Jell-o,” Boehner said. “Some days it’s firmer than others. Sometimes it’s like they’ve left it out over night.”

Boehner explained that talks broke down over the weekend because, he said, the president backed off entitlement reforms so much from Friday to Saturday, “It was Jell-o; it was damn near liquid.”

“By Saturday, they’d spent the previous day and a half just going backwards” on reforming entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

“The only thing they’ve been firm on is these damn tax increases,” the Speaker said.

We'd like to hear from Bill Cosby on this.

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