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Video: Meet the woman behind Winegate


You've read accounts of the altercation between Susan Feinberg, a Rutgers professor who likes to publicly scorn public servants for how they spend their own money, and Rep. Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin budget hawk who sipped on some pricey wine last Friday.  You've even got a glimpse of my personal disdain for Susie Feinberg, (Class) Warrior Princess.

On Monday, liberal radio and TV host Thom Hartmann interviewed Ms. Feinberg on Russia Today about her uncouth wine-sleuthing and praised her for her bravery, or something:

H/t Mediaite's Tommy Christopher who adds:

Unless I missed the part of the story where she and her husband were monitoring Ryan’s meal from a nearby soup kitchen, she was in the same restaurant, enjoying an $80 bottle of wine. Her description of the plight of a two-income, minimum wage-earning couple as amusing time-killing banter isn’t redeemed by the fact that she mustered up enough outrage to start a shouting match with Ryan and his companions. ...

If you want to criticize someone for “letting them eat cake,” it helps not to have moist bits of sponge and butter cream flying out of your mouth while you do it.

Of course nothing about this faux scandal diminishes my personal admiration for Rep. Ryan and his budgetary awesomeness. Unlike Ms. Feinberg, I don't base my opinions on someone's dining or beverage preferences.

Instead, I'm a fan of people who stick to facts that matter. Take for instance this exchange with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during a congressional budget hearing Tuesday -- a veritable lesson in Capitalism 101 from Professor Ryan who rightly points out that free-market reform would do more to control health care costs than government bureaucrats ever could:

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