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Re: Liberal left's 'gay' attacks on Michele Bachmann


OMG you guys. Michele Bachmann's husband is sooooo gay.

That's the latest "attack" from the liberal left in response to reports that the Bachmann family's Christian counseling center offered to help treat a conflifcted homosexual with prayer.  As we noted over on the homepage side, Jon Stewart questioned the sexuality of Marcus Bachmann, the Minnesota rep's husband.   The Partisans, a liberal comedy troupe, has also put together a video skit now making the rounds on the liberal blogosphere, mocking the Bachmanns and portraying Mr. Bachmann as a flaming homosexual hiding out in a heterosexual marriage.

First of all, I find it seriously amusing that so many who proclaim to be champions for equality use vicious gay stereotypes to attack their political opponents.  The hypocrisy is astounding.

Secondly, I'm having problems wrapping my brain around this whole Bachmann/gay counseling "controversy." Last week, Truth Wins Out, a group dedicated to combating so-called reparative therapy of homosexuals, revealed that they'd sent someone undercover to Bachmann & Associates, the Minnesota Christian counseling center Michele and Marcus Bachmann own and operate.

According to their reports, their undercover agent posed as a gay man seeking treatment for unwanted homosexuality and were reportedly appalled when one of Bachmann's fellow counselors suggested using faith as a "cure."

Stop right there.  Let's look at what we know here.  We know (and ostensibly so did the TWO operative) that the Bachmanns are devout Christian conservatives who believe homosexuality is an abomination according to their faith.  We know that the Bachmann counseling center advertises itself as a Christian mental health treatment service.  The TWO operative went to the Christian clinic and insisted he wanted to cure himself of his homosexuality and they are shocked to find out the Bachmann counseling service would rely on fundamental Christian beliefs on the issue?

This would be like me, a Catholic, going to a synagogue and talking to a rabbi about how my faith is troubling me and I'm looking for an alternative and then screaming at the rabbi when he tries to convert me to Judaism.

Seriously -- what were they expecting?  My guess is that they knew exactly what would happen before they even set foot in the clinic and this is little more than an empty leftist attempt to smear Michele Bachmann.

Yes, the idea of "pray the gay away" treatment is controversial and most professional therapists don't buy into it, but offering this form of therapy is not illegal.  What's so wrong about offering to join a conflicted man in prayer?

Bottom line: The TWO activist obviously knew how this would play out before they even launched this entire charade and the lamestream media is helping them feign outrage.  To paraphrase our friend S.E. Cupp, the media hype over this non-story is merely intended to make an increasingly viable Republican challenger look scary.

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