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Video Team to Produce 100 Clips in 24 Hours to Mock Washington Spending


Some World of Warcraft help from "Treasury Dwarf Timothy Geithner."

Stop the spending? Mock the spending!

The team at is set to launch a video marathon tonight where they will produce 100 satiric clips in 24 hours, all to—yep—"Mock the Spending" underway in Washington.

The marathon got underway Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Check out a couple of their preview videos below where they take on the Hank Paulson bailout, "Cash for Clunkers" and introduce a mysterious new video game update for the "World of Warcraft" fans among us.

What if the government didn't want you to play cool sports video games and just wanted you to play fantasy virtual reality games with elves and magic spells?

And finally, what if the government wanted you to install a patch (an "update" or a "fix" for the non-gamers out there) so when you're playing World of Warcraft and you're slaying dragons or going on a raid, you could call on your friends like "Treasury Dwarf Timothy Geithner" or "Treasury Gold-Man Hank Paulson" and have them help you out of a jam? Instead of, you know, doing it yourself. With your guild.

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