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How to track 'Carmageddon


The tension in Los Angeles is palpable. Thanks to a massive repair project that will shut down 10 miles of the heavily-trafficked 405 freeway for at least 53 hours, Angelinos are preparing to be stuck in place for the majority of the coming weekend. (I hope they all chose the "Unlimited Download" option on Netflix.)

While many of my friends and family live/work in the Los Angeles area, I have successfully avoided L.A. for most of my life. Situations like this are prime examples of why I bristle at the thought of being a West-Coaster.

Carmageddon began at midnight, last night, and if you want to monitor the situation - Google has live traffic updates.

Here is what traffic looked like at 6am (eastern)

It's all GREEN... but then again, it is 3am LA time.

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