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Hijacked' GOP: CNN Analyst Blames Tea Party for Stopping Obama from Being 'Transformational


"What Occurred between 2008 and the Tea Party."

CNN analyst Gloria Borger may have given the the Tea Party some high praise this weekend, despite her attempt to debase the group as those who have "hijacked the Republican Party."

Appearing below as part of a roundtable with Chris Matthews on his Sunday show, Borger stated that Obama "ran as  a transformational president, he sees himself as transformational, he always has... and the Tea Party has stopped that kind of transformation from occurring."

But while giving the Tea Party credit for disrupting Obama's "transformative" agenda, Borger explained that the conservative group has hijacked the Republican party, and that if not for that, a deal would already have been reached with President Obama on the debt ceiling.

In an interesting twist, Borger went on to claim that the Tea Party has now become "substantially just a no tax party" as opposed to a "party that cares about the deficit."

Borger believes that the modern Tea Party's opposition to taxes is somehow new, irrespective of the fact that the group is named after a 1773 protest against excessive taxation.

Watch below via NewsBusters:

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