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Even Some Gay Activists Are 'Creeped Out' by Pro-Gay Marriage Video Featuring Kissing Kids (Oh, and Christians Are Slammed, Too)


"Why did they do that?"

Editor's note: An extreme content warning applies to this story. The video contains lots of profanity.

An in-your-face video supporting gay marriage in Minnesota and mocking Christians has drawn the ire of some gay-rights activists who say the clip—full of f-bombs, racy visuals, and even same-sex kissing by very young-looking actors—leaves them “creeped out.”

Editor's note: Again -- extreme content warning applies here.

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Update: The group has now removed the video from YouTube.  They are still featuring it on their website.  The content warning applies can see it be clicking here.

Kevin Farrell of the Unicorn Booty pro-gay blog writes, “It feels creepy for me as a grown-ass gay man to watch kids kiss. It feels creepy to post video of children kissing on my company’s website. I understand the point is to ruffle feathers, but if some of the top gay bloggers in the world are creeped out by your message (or method, in this case), you’re ruffling the wrong feathers.”

The clip’s final scene features two very young-looking males holding hands. The first says, “If I grew up gay…” and the second finishes the phrase saying, “…I want to get married someday”—and then they appear to kiss.

Writes Farrell:

“My partner and future-sister-in-law-in-six-states happened to be watching this video over my shoulder and we all had the same reaction when the kiss happened.

“‘AUGHH, Wha-why-what the hell?! Why did they do that?’

“A swing and a miss from where we’re sitting, FCKH8. (We still love you though.)”

The other actors in the quick-cut video—with over-the-top make-up and neon-colored clothing (some males only in T-shirts and tiny underwear)—make fun of gay-marriage opponents and Christians by satirically stating phrases on why gay marriage is wrong.

The actors portray Christians in particular as mindless followers of church laws. One girl, twirling her hair, sarcastically says that homosexuality is wrong because “the Bible tells me so.” It also displays a string of actors completing each other’s sentences, saying the Bible “tells me it’s okay to sell my daughter into slavery and to stone people that work on Sunday. So it’s great for making laws.”

The National Organization for Marriage, which says “tries to propagandize young kids to become activists for gay marriage,” posted a response to the video on its blog: “We also must ask again, when will other gay groups condemn the F*K H8 campaign tactics? If they can’t condemn it, do they support this sort of thing?” is raising money for Minnesotans United for All Families, which wants to defeat a proposed statewide ban on same-sex marriage in 2012. For each “Like” on Facebook and “Tweet” on Twitter that receives, it says it will donate 10 cents to MUAF, up to $10,000. It’s also raising money by selling clothes, stickers, pins, and wristbands emblazoned with slogans such as “Born This Way,” “Don’t B H8N On The Homos” and “Some Kids R Gay. That’s OK.”

(h/t The Christian Post)

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