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Video: Police caught on tape behaving... nicely

Video: Police caught on tape behaving... nicely

Whenever there's an explosive YouTube video of active police officers streaming around the internet, it usually involves some kind of messy conflict and often involves an over zealous officer throwing his weight around to garner respect. I usually give officers the benefit of a doubt in those situations since police have to constantly be on guard for perps who want do them or others harm.

Sure there are some bad apples out there, but we shouldn't let that cloud our judgment of the entire profession. So today when I came across this refreshing video of extremely professional police officers carrying out a seemingly routine unloaded open carry check in Oceanside, Calif., I felt compelled to share it as a great example of the professionalism of police officers working to protect our rights day in and day out:

h/t Instapundit

As for "Jeremy," the guy behind the cell phone camera, I'm sure Officer Matt's professional demeanor was not quite what he was expecting, considering this isn't the first interaction with police he's made sure to record.  Merits of the unloaded open-carry law aside, the fact is that police are not only the targets of violent bad guys, but these days they are also forced to be on guard against lawsuit hounds or punks looking to produce a viral YouTube hit by purposefully rubbing cops the wrong way.  While Officer Matt was undoubtedly frustrated when the man refused to give his name, he kept his cool and wouldn't be baited into a conflict.

Props to Officer Matt, both for his professionalism as a police officer and for his past service in the U.S. Marine Corps!

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