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The creepiest video you'll see all week


You've seen the story of their... uh, unconventional... marriage.  But even though news of their disturbing nuptials has sunk in, their lovefest is still as creepy as ever.  In an interview with E! Entertainment, 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison and 16-year-old actress/singer/whatever Courtney Stodden continue to glide "on the wings of love together," as the new bride puts it.

Brace yourself -- the epic creepiness of these two only continues to grow as he struggles to explain why their relationship isn't illegal while she flashes her psychotic "bedroom eyes" at the camera:

h/t Buzzfeed

So the record heat stretching across the country isn't actually global warming, but in fact is the "inferno" of these two love birds that has "ignited the world."  Take that, Al Gore!

I understand that in posting this, I'm one of those people Ms. Stodden pities -- one who "hides behind the internet" because my life apparently isn't "the best I can make it."  But if making my life its best means not being creeped out by these two, then I'm absolutely satisfied with being less than stellar, thank you.

God help that tiny dog.

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