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Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez Arrested Again Outside White House During Dream Act Rally


"Stop separating families..."

On Tuesday Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) was arrested outside of the White House during a Dream Act rally. The Congressman was reportedly arrested after refusing to move when asked by authorities. MRCTV brings us the explanation and video:

Gutierrez, who sat in front of a sign that read "Stop Separating Our Families" with a line of protesters, refused to leave when asked by the police. Gutierrez was in attendance at a rally urging President Obama to do more to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants.

MRCTV caught up with Gutierrez before he was arrested in which he said, "I think (President Obama) should use the broad discretionary power that the laws have conferred upon him and make decisions, smart decisions" in regards to deportation. The arrest occurred around 4:40 pm.

Watch the scene unfold below:

But this isn't the first time Gutierrez has been arrested. According to reports, Gutierrez was arrested in 2000 along with Lolita Lebron -- the Puerto Rican national who spent 25 years in prison for a shooting attack on the U.S. Congress nearly a half-century ago -- during a supposedly "nonviolent" resistance against the federal government. The Nation reports:

Forty-six years after Lolita Lebrón and fellow Puerto Rican nationalists shot up the House of Representatives, wounding five members in a desperate act of defiance, Lebrón, along with Puerto Rican members of Congress Luis Gutiérrez and Nydia Velázquez, were arrested for an act of nonviolent resistance against the federal government. On May 4, 300 US Marshals and FBI agents cleared about 200 demonstrators from a Navy bombing range on the embattled island of Vieques. "Puerto Rico has been invaded again," said New York City Councilman José Rivera as he was led away. For Puerto Ricans on the island and the mainland, this was just another display of nineteenth-century gunboat diplomacy.

And then, in 2010, Gutierezz was arrested yet again in front of the White House along with about 35 other illegal immigration advocates, after reportedly defying police orders to move during a protest.

So is Rep. Gutierrez perhaps  engaging in Saul Alinsky's tactics of civil disobedience to achieve his goals?

You can watch the video of the Congressman's 2010 arrest below:

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