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Dems decry the 'GOP who stole Christmas


You're a mean one, Speaker Boehner.  You really are an eel... at least to some Democrats in Washington who are using new talking points to warn voters that the House GOP wants to ruin Christmas.

A source inside the White House shared the Obama administration's official talking points with Washington Post's Greg Sargent:

*Today, the House will vote on Speaker Boehner’s proposal, but that vote does nothing to move the country closer to a solution.

*To be clear: This bill is dead on arrival in the Senate and there is zero chance this makes it to the President’s desk...

*Rather than compromising for the sake of the country, the House GOP continues to play politics with the full faith and credit of the United States -- even saying that their strategy is to tell the country to “take it or leave it” and blame the President for default.

*Under the Boehner bill, we will be right back into this debate during the holiday season, which is the most important time in the year for our economy.

Launching into this "Republicans hate Christmas!" attack, top Obama advisor David Plouffe dutifully recited the White House talking points this morning on MSNBC.  "This whole debt ceiling spectacle" will be "reated again in a few months from now, over the holidays," Plouffe warned.  "The debt ceiling debate would ruin Christmas."

WH press secretary Jay Carney echoed Plouffe:

The Boehner plan would require "all of us to go through this again before the end of the year, in the most important economic season in the country," Carney said. "At a time when people don't want to worry about whether or not their interest rates are going to go up, their mortgage payments and their car payments and their student loan bills, and their credit card payments, especially as they're buying gifts for the holidays."

Forget the fact that the Obama administration thinks Americans are so shallow that disrupting the busy holiday shopping season trumps protecting the nation from economic ruin.  What's worse is that their claim isn't even true: The Boehner plan proposed debt limit extension of $900 billion -- the first of a two-part plan -- would cover U.S. obligations until at least the end of January.

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