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Update: West Responds to Tea Party 'Schizophrenia' Over His Boehner Support


"...one minute they’re saying I’m their tea party hero..."

Earlier today, The Blaze reported on Rep. Allen West's defense of his support for Boehner's controversial debt plan. West is striking back against Tea Party critics who are less than pleased with his allegiances. In addition to appearing on Fox News to defend his stance, West spoke with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham. During the interview, he lamented the Tea Party's "schizophrenia" and reaffirmed his take on the speaker's plan. He said:

"...one minute they’re saying I’m their tea party hero, and, what, three, four days later I’m a tea party defector, you know, that kind of schizophrenia I’m not going to get involved in."

Despite vocally supporting the Boehner plan, West did clarify that he does not support every aspect of the proposal. That said, there's enough palatable content in it for him to be swayed on the side of advocating for it:

"We have to continue to put the pressure on. We have to continue to be on the initiative and have the initiative and offense. I do support the Boehner plan. It’s not 100 percent for me, but it is the 70 to 75 percent that I can take into the fight and I think it ensures we do the right thing by my constituents and the American people."

Listen to his comments, below:

(h/t Mediaite)

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