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Biden's food metaphore: seed corn


For Speaker John Boehner, it was Jell-O.

For President Obama, it was peas.

Now, for Vice President Joe Biden, it's "seed corn."

In an interview with CBS just before the House approved a debt ceiling plan Monday, Biden was asked whether he'd ever seen a bipartisan deficit reduction panel's recommendation embraced by both parties. In his answer, he said discretionary spending should be cut "without eating your seed corn":

The American people and the people here understand you need to make the tax system fair, so everybody pays their fair share. You need to do something about long-term structural entitlements, so you can preserve them, at the same time make them feasible over the next 30 years. And you need to cut discretionary spending, without eating your seed corn, so you can't grow the economy through innovation and infrastructure.
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