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Harry Reid Gives Odd Sen. Speech: I Really Miss My Pomegranate Trees and Rose Bushes


"I have a home in Nevada that I haven't seen in months."

Harry Reid has delivered on speeches on the Senate floor in the past. For example, he's detailed college football games and cowboy poetry. Now? Well, we get to learn about his pomegranate trees and rose bushes.

While discussing the Senate's agenda and possible recess, Reid trailed off into dreamy talk about his Nevada home that he hasn't seen in months. Then came discussion about his plants:

"It's been a pretty hard work period we've had. The last two weekends, working late. And I think the Senate deserves to be able to go home as soon as we can. If there was ever a time we need to work with our constituents, it's now. And for me personally, I've been here for a long time. I have a home in Nevada that I haven't seen in months. My pomegranate trees are, I'm told, are blossoming -- there's pomegranates on them, I have some fig trees, roses and stuff that I just haven't seen. So I have constituents that I'm anxious to see, friends I'm eager to visit with, relatives I need to visit with. So as soon as we can complete our work, I would like to move as quick as I can to the summer recess period."

CNS News, which first noted the speech, summed it up like this: "In remarks on the Senate floor Monday, Majority Leader Harry Reid made it clear he's longing to go home."

I guess you can't blame the guy for being homesick. But trying to create sympathy on the Senate floor for having to stick around and do your job? And mentioning your pomegranate and fig trees and your rose bushes?

I hate to wonder what he'll talk about next.

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