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Bogey: Pelosi's face used in Boehner golf game?


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's face was put in 18 holes on Tuesday, according to SEIU members protesting a fundraiser hosted by Speaker John Boehner at a golf club in Dublin, OH.

One of the protestors, Ed Burke, said he saw "an unidentified man driving out of the country club" with one of the golf balls pictured at the right, according to Politico. Burke said the man gave the ball to the protestors and said, "I pissed 'em off by telling them that I didn't want to use this ball."

A spokesman for Boehner said neither the Speaker nor any of his aids had "absolutely anything to do with this."

That leaves the SEIU protestors (certainly no fans of Boehner) as the only ones able to corroborate the claim. It's a cold case for now!

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