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Vote: Who won tonight's debate?


Here's my personal take on who scored in tonight's Iowa debate:

Hands down, I think Mitt Romney gets the victorious title following tonight's debate -- not because of anything he did, but because of what the other contenders didn't do.

All evening, Romney ruled the stage as the frontrunner, owning that title and aiming his political punches at President Obama rather than the other GOP contenders. Amazingly, none of the other candidates on stage seemed to notice or mind. So while Michele Bachmann exchanged jabs with Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich danced with Fox News' Chris Wallace, Romney sailed through unscathed.

In failing to go after the frontrunner and their biggest competitor, I thought the losers in tonight's debate were Bachmann and Pawlenty. I think Rick Santorum did well when stirred to comment on passionate issues -- including U.S. relations with Iran -- and could've done better if given the chance. I think Gingrich scored points for being more fiery than usual, but while many conservatives agree with him on many issues, his reputation as an "establishment Republican" continues to overshadow his entire campaign.

I think Ron Paul lost many mainstream Republicans tonight with his controversial foreign policy views while Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman delivered forgettable performances.

As for the debate format, I was disappointed in many of Fox News' questions. We got to hear details about Michele Bachmann's marriage but didn't hear a single thing about out-of-control entitlement spending and how the GOP field intends to manage it.  That said, I still preferred these questions to CNN's "this or that" nonsense.

But enough about what I think -- what did you think? Take the poll:

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