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Anderson Cooper Loses It On-Air During Segment on Peeing French Actor


"Sorry, this has actually never happened to me."

You are right, Anderson, this is the kind of thing you see on YouTube.

See, last night, CNN newsman Anderson Cooper was doing a story on how prominent French actor Gerard Depardieu was allegedly caught peeing in an airplane aisle after flight attendants told him he couldn't use the restroom until the plane took off. Cooper decided to put Depardieu on his "RidicuList" -- a segment on his show reserved for, well, ridiculous people. But this wasn't just any RidicuList segment. No, Cooper decided to intermingle every possible pee pun he could think of. And three-quarters of the way through, he lost it, laughing so hard he had to take a break, even giggling like a little girl. Near the end, he said something like this has never happened to him, classifying it as the type of thing you see on YouTube. How true.

The whole thing is TV magic, and it's easy to see why Cooper has become the most-liked personality on CNN:

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