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Does Your Smartphone Choice Predict if You're a Liberal or Conservative?


Android = conservative? iPhone = liberal?

A recent, unscientifically conducted study by Hunch.com (via Live Science) confirms stereotypes already held in the smartphone community. In case you didn't know, Android users are generally more politically conservative and late bloomers when it comes to technology. Whereas iPhone users lean toward the left, "make more money  . . . and enjoy the finer things in life."

According to Hunch, the survey was conducted using 80 million aggregated and anonymous responses from its "Teach Hunch About You" questionnaire, which was taken by about 700,000 users. Hunch is a website that "personalizes the Internet by helping you share and discover great recommendations about all sorts of topics."

Of the Hunch users who took the survey, more than 15,818 answered the question: What type of operating system does your cell phone use? Thirty-two percent said Apple/iOS, 21 percent Android, 23 percent other OS, 16 percent I don't know/don't have a cell phone and 8 percent Windows.

Here's the breakdown of characteristics between Android and iPhone users. See if you agree.

Android users most likely:

  • Male age 18-34
  • Conservative
  • Mathemathally-inclined
  • Never traveled outside of country (71 percent more likely)
  • Don't remember last vacation (36 percent more likely)
  • First used Internet after 2000 (47 percent more likely)
  • Use Yahoo mail
  • Listens to telemarketers
  • Favorite TV shows: How I Met Your Mother, Louie, The Walking Dead
  • Favorite books: Lord of the Rings, 1984
  • Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Steak

iPhone users most likely:

  • Women, older than 35
  • Liberal
  • Slightly more optimistic
  • Strong verbal aptitude
  • Visited more than five countries
  • Prefer a sleek device that does a few things (122 percent more likely)
  • First been on the Internet before 1992
  • Mac users (1oo percent more likely)
  • Own own email domain
  • Hang up immediately on telemarketers
  • Favorite TV shows: Planet Earth, Portlandia
  • Favorite books: A Visit From the Goonsquad, Switch
  • Cereal: Kashi GoLean Crunch
  • Sushi

Let us know what you think about these stereotypes.

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