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Sen. Coburn Said What? 'Good Thing I Can't Pack a Gun on the Senate Floor


"I don't think president's matter that much."


Following some bold -- and possibly bizarre -- statements made to constituents during a swing through NE Oklahoma on Tuesday, Senator Tom Coburn's office is probably going to be answering a lot of questions today. That's because he said everything from accusing the president of benefiting from "programs" because he is black, to making a comment about packing a gun on the Senate floor.

The Tulsa World covered all four appearances by Senator Coburn and provides us with some of the statements.

The comment garnering the most attention is the Republican Senator's statement where he discussed guns while talking about the lack of courage in the House and Senate:

"It's just a good thing I can't pack a gun on the Senate floor."

Tulsa World did not elaborate on what he meant.

But he wasn't done. Speaking to the Chamber of Commerce in Langley, OK. Coburn made some rather dire predictions for the American economy:

"We have less than 16 months to fix this. I can promise you that come July you're going to see some tough, tough stuff in this country."

Then the senator took on the president. When asked about Obama by one attendee, the Tulsa World reports that Coburn described Obama as "very bright" but with a political philosophy that Coburn believes to be "goofy and wrong." The Tulsa World story adds a few more curious quotes from Coburn about President Obama:

Obama's "intent is not to destroy, his intent is to create dependency because it worked so well for him," he said.

"As an African-American male," Coburn said, Obama received "tremendous advantage from a lot of these programs."

Senator Coburn also seems to have an interesting view of the importance of Congress vs the President. He reportedly said: "I don't think presidents matter that much."

Coburn is no stranger to unvarnished speech. Following the Debt Ceiling deal, the Senator's comments and dour outlook on spending reductions were covered here on The Blaze. One might suppose that Senator Coburn's raw honesty is a by-product of his self-imposed term limits. Earlier this year he announced that he will not be running for a third term in 2016.

The Senator's public schedule includes two more "Town Hall" appearances today in the Oklahoma City area. If you are interested in attending, visit Coburn's website for locations and times.

The Senator did speak with radio host Pat Campbell this morning, offering further clarification on his comments.

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