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Sarah Palin: Gloria Steinem's brand of feminism is 'very passé\


Gloria Steinem has had "her day and had her rhetoric... it's very passé" former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said today during an on-air interview with "America Live" host Megyn Kelly. "I'm sure that she added some healthy debate back in the day, but her vision of what a woman should be or could be is evidently not what conventionally now women who are feeling empowered and wanting to help change the world because we do believe in equality. She does not share our views of women being able to do much more than what she gives us credit for," Palin added.

Amen! Steinem certainly doesn't speak for me.

And in case you missed it, Palin also weighed in on President Obama's coming jobs plan and what it might mean for American workers:

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